Moonshadow wall light from melogranoblu

melogranoblu moonshadow wall light applique 1 Melogranoblu's new line, Moonshadow, comes in a wall version.

A ball of frosted blown glass is held by a wire within a varnished aluminium frame. There is a LED strip on the inside of the vertical member. This means that it cannot be seen (and so there is no glare): instead, the light it casts appears, somewhat mysteriously, on the ball and the wall behind.

It will, of course, cast more light on one side of the glass globe than the other -- like light on the moon:

melogranoblu moonshadow wall light applique 4

So Moonshadow is quite a good name for it, really! The ball can be set to any height:

melogranoblu moonshadow wall light applique 2

melograno blu moonshadow wall light applique 3

This means that intriguing arrangements of several can be made:

melgranoblu moonshadow wall light applique group

Here is the PDF: melogranoblu moonshadow wall datasheet.

There is also a table version of Moonshadow:

melogranoblu moonshadow table lights

The frames come in glossy white or red or black. Any other RAL colour can be done for quantities of ten or more. The wall light is H550mm D250mm.

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Line by Francesco Rota for Oluce

Line wall light by Francesco Rota for Oluce In the collection of Oluce, there is a wall light designed for them by Francesco Rota called Line. The main body is a simple, elegant pyrex tube that is oval in section.

There are two heights (H30cm and H43cm) and two versions. The one shown above has a band in polished aluminium to prevent glare from the G9 lamps.

The other version replaces the polished aluminium with a patterned composite material:

Oluce Line wall light composite version Francesco Rota

As Oluce say about Line, "Minimal, not Minimum."

Oluce Line applique Francesco Rota set

What a guy, that Rota, eh? First the score for The Godfather, now elegant wall lights!

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