Collier Webb's delightful Shitake table light at Decorex

Collier Webb Shitake table light

It is very easy when whizzing around a trade fair to miss the small things (especially if one is 6' 4"). That I did not miss Collier Webb's Shitake table light, in spite of another strong stand from them with great wall lights and pendants, like the Round Odeon Plafonnier...

COLLIER WEBB ROUND-ODEON-PLAFONNIER because of Shitake's strength of personality.

It is 39cm high. The shade is 32cm in diameter and the base Ø18cm. A simple, coherent design, it is nevertheless made up of several contrasting materials: a spun brass shade, a leather covered column and a glass base.

Being Collier Webb, there are lots of options. The one in the picture has red leather and its shade in antique gilt. But many different colours of leather are available and the metal parts can also be in antique silver, dark bronze, antique bronze, antique brass, verdigris, bright nickel -- or custom finished to order.

It is charming, sturdy, full of character. A lady on the television last night reminded us that, in spite of their size, corgis are herding dogs. So this...

corgi also this:

corgi herding cattle

Yes, the Shitake table light reminds one of mushrooms (obviously) and gnomes' homes. But it also reminds me (at least) of the self-confidence of the little corgi. And that's a good thing.

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New Goldman from Flos zooms straight into the LED desk lights Top 10!

Flos goldman desk light brass green  

Ron Gilad's Goldman for Flos is witty, practical and beautiful.

Witty, because it draws on the iconography of the classic bankers' light. So, from this...

classic bankers' desk light this:

Flos Goldman desk light from filmPractical, because there is a good beam spread,  and your eyes are protected from glare by the green diffuser:

flos goldman desk light on old desk

And beautiful: well, that is thanks to an excellent designer, Ron Gilad, at the top of his game -- the dimensions, the curves, the lines, the proportions....

Green has been traditionally used in this context because it was deemed the colour most restful to the eyes. But if you would prefer more subdued finishes in these recessionary times, Flos also do a cool version in black chrome with a fumé diffuser:

flos goldman desk light in black nickel and fume by window

Instead of the chain traditionally used, there is an optical switch on the base, dimmable with "Soft Touch" technology -- so even the act of turning Goldman on and off is quietly satisfying.

And you don't only have to use it on your desk! Here is a couple of Goldmans lighting a display of expensive phones:

Goldman desk light from Flos with Virtu phonesBut this light is not itself expensive, though. For example, in the UK, Flos are only asking £303.13, inc. VAT!

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Copper: 1516 pendant and wall light by Lobmeyr

Lobmeyr copper pendant light for the 1516 Brewery in Vienna Perhaps it is the nature of the metal that results in the few copper decorative lights being so very good. This one is a case in point. Semiotically, it signifies an industrial pendant but can there be any others made so well, and from such materials?

It is the fascinating result of the Viennese American-style brew pub, 1516 (after which it is named), asking Lobmeyr, the illustrious Viennese chandelier makers, to create something for their interior. You can see a row of them in the 1516 bar here:

1516 Brew pub Vienna

The warmth of the copper is part of what creates the atmosphere in this busy, warm pub -- a haven on a cold, snowy winter's night! It also recalls the copper kettles used in brewing.

Though the shade is made of copper, the upper part is polished brass, and the trimmings (screws &c.) are nickel-plated.

The brass section has small squares cut into it, in homage to the hugely influential designer/architect, Josef Hoffmann (who, with Klimt and Koloman Moser, was a founder of the Vienna Secession and later, again with Kolo Moser, established the Wiener Werkstätte). The Viennese firm, Woka, creates re-editions of Josef Hoffmann's pieces, such as this table light that has the same square cut-outs:

JH7 Josef Hoffmann table light from Woka

There is also a wall version of the 1516 light:

Lobmeyr copper wal light for 1516

I know what you are thinking: It looks exactly the same as the pendant! This is because it fixes to the wall like this:

Lobmeyr schnitt 1516 wall light

It is also smaller, the wall light being Ø22cm H26cm, whereas the pendant is Ø29cm H34cm.

However, it can be customized -- other sizes, other finishes.

We know of no other industrial-style light that is so elegant and so beautifully made. It is also difficult to imagine a design that so effortlessly invokes both Vienna, and brewing, for this Viennese brew pub! As such, 1516 is a stunning testament to what Lobmeyr can do (it is not all chandeliers!)

Go here for other designs by Lobmeyr.

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Copper: Line by François Champsaur for Pouenat Ferronnier

Pouenat Line table light Copper is a wonderful warm, soft metal. It perfectly matches an incandescent lamp that is running at less than full power, i.e. when the light it is casting is also warm and soft.

Yet there are not many copper lights available. This is the first of a series of posts that will introduce you to some of the best of what there is.

Copper is not an easy metal to work, but when François Champsaur designed Line for Pouenat Ferronnier, he knew that this illustrious French metal-working company could and would do a great job.

He is one of several important designers who have created collections for them over the last ten years. Line is one of the exceptional pieces that resulted when Pouenat Ferronnier asked each of them to design a light for the 10 Ans d'Edition collection (launched at Maison et Objet this January) that celebrates this anniversary.

Line is available in brushed copper with a satin varnish; there is also a brass version. It is big for a table light, at W90cm H97cm D15cm, so it is more like a table-mounted screen or backdrop (a rôle that very few other lights could perform so well). Its shallowness would make it particularly suitable for a console table. The light sources are six 7W LEDs concealed in the folds.

For other posts about copper lights, please go here.

For François Champsaur's full collection for Pouenat Ferronnier (that includes furniture -- it is not just lights), please go here.

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Crystal Galaxy from Quasar now available in copper!

Quasar Crystal Galaxy chandelier in nickel Crystal Galaxy, another great design from Jan Pauwels, is produced by Quasar in nickel -- see above -- and very lovely it is too.

But we are nevertheless thrilled that they have now introduced a copper version:

Quasar Crystal Galaxy chandelier 40 in copper

Copper is such a wonderful, warm finish, yet light makers stubbornly refuse to make copper lights -- in spite of all the hints we drop. Imagine!

Quasar are doing brass Crystal Galaxies too:

Quasar Crystal Galaxy 40 in brass

This is a wonderful design, with all the beauty of a chandelier but any potential for pomposity is undercut by its informality. Here's a detail:

Quasar Crystal Galaxy chandelier detail

You can see the optional spotlight which provides additional downlighting.

The versions of Crystal Galaxy that are available in these new finishes are Ø40cm, Ø60cm, Ø80cm and Ø100cm, with either the cute 2W krypton lamps or 0.3W LEDs There is an upcharge of 25%.

Don't want a Crystal Galaxy? That's OK! There are versions of Universe that are also available in the new finishes, with the same upcharge:

Quasar Universe chandelier




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