Stockholm: Leaf pendant from bsweden

bsweden Leaf pendant light orange Besides their appearance, pendant light shades differ in the degree of translucency. A shade that is not translucent at all will prevent glare and cast all its light downwards onto a table below. On the other hand, it will cast no radiant light.

In fact, it may even be difficult to tell whether the light is on or not. The result is a dead object which obstructs views.

bsweden Leaf  pendant light birch


Bsweden's Leaf pendant light, designed for them by Marit Stigsdotter and Staffan Lind, is made from laminated sheets of wood -- not translucent at all. But the way the four panels are arranged (prompted by a pad of Post-it Notes) leaves gaps between, so that some light comes directly out, and it is also possible to glimpse the inside. At no point do you see the lamp, so there is no glare.

There are two sizes -- Ø36cm and Ø52cm. The larger one comes in orange and birch, as above, plus black and white.

bsweden Leaf pendant light blue

The smaller one comes in the same finishes, except orange. It does also come in grey,  blue and red.

bsweden Leaf pendant light grey

This design is not complicated, therefore, but the details have been carefully considered to create something quite imposing, and colourful. There is even a good choice of cables to hang it from!

bsweden Leaf pendant light cable colour options

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Stockholm's Furniture Fair and Northern Light Fair

Stockholm fair logos

The Stockholm Furniture Fair runs from the the 5th to the 9th February. It includes the Northern Light Fair.

This is very timely because there was a very real sense amongst the experts who were in Paris for Maison et Objet last month that the Japanese and Scandinavian stands were looking the sharpest.

Added to which, as a result of watching double bills of The Killing, The Bridge and Borgen on Saturday nights, Britons have never been more aware of Scandinavian culture -- or of Scandinavia, full stop. Those wonderful lights in the interiors in Borgen! Somehow one does not expect such design-awareness in 10 Downing Street....

The Japanese were showing very little lighting but there was plenty from Scandinavian makers. We are looking forward to being able to spend more times on their stands this week in Stockholm.

What are the Scandinavians doing that is so right? It is not really a common æsthetic (as it was in the 1960s) -- it would be difficult to imagine a more diverse, more eclectic collection of lights. Nor is there any magic. No, it is the basics that anyone could do (designers. materials, prices), underpinned by the makers' sensitivity to light and design, that is shared by enough of the populace to provide them with a market.

Design: they have strength in depth. Besides great designers from the past (Arne Jacobsen, Jørn Utzon), they are drawing on an amazing roster of contemporary designers -- Front (bsweden), Claesson Koivisto Rune (Örsjö, Muuto), Cecilie Manz (Muuto, and the incredibly successful Caravaggio -- for which a new wall light is being launched -- for Lightyears), plus Form us With Love (Muuto) and Louise Campbell (Muuto and Louis Poulsen, who are not exhibiting). Wästberg's business model is based on commissioning from famous designers.

Materials: wonderful use of glass, as one would expect (especially Muuto, bsweden) but also fabrics, acrylic, wood, marble, felt, even egg box material (from &Tradition)...

Prices: fair.

Here is an alphabetical list of who is exhibiting and where. (It is our selection but it may not be based on a complete list: omissions do not therefore necessarily indicate our disapproval!) Click on their names to go to their web sites.

&Tradition    A04 25

Artek    A35 10

bsweden    A09 20

Le Klint    A15 2

Lightyears    A31 41

Muuto    A04 41

Northern Lighting    A07 28

Örsjö    A07 21

Secto    A04 39

Valoa by Aurora A01 22 (who we don't know -- the Finnish/Canadian designer Aurora Nieminen only started the company a few months ago -- but we like the look of her colourful felt pendants. Please see the image at the foot of this post.)

Wästberg A12 20

Zero A09 14

There will be some brands showing in Stockholm, rather than at the fair:

Gubi will be at AB Evert Lindelöf at Hornsgatan 29 in Södermalm.

Non-Scandinavian exhibitors include:

Brunklaus A23 11 Delightfull B06 11 Innermost A09 01 La Murrina B02 19 Luceplan A04 10 LZF A09 45 Moooi A07 30 Tom Dixon A18 30

Outside the fair,

Foscarini  will be creating "Magic Windows" at 38C Rosenlundsgatan.

The Noa pendants from Valoa by Aurora:

Noa pendant lights from Valoa by Aurora

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Lucy, a cute, yet practical, table light by Louise Hederström for bsweden

bsweden Lucy 1 table light blue After so many large pendants and chandeliers, I thought that it was about time that we looked at a handy, practical, cute little table light. So, Lucy from bsweden,  your time has come!

She is small (H23cm, W16cm, D15cm) with an 18W halogen E14 lamp, so she can add light to any corner -- on a window sill, a sideboard, a bedside table.

"I want people to be able to move the light easily to different locations around the home and that's the reason for having a hook to wind the cord on," says designer Louise Hederström.

She has an encouraging twinkle in her eye:

Louise Hederströmsuggesting just the kind of person that would add playfulness to Lucy's design by making the metal shade look like little awnings. She has form, too: she was responsible for bsweden's Gladys:

bsweden gladys chandelier Louise HederströmYou don't want a blue Lucy? That's OK. There are also versions in white:

bsweden Louise Hederström Lucy table light white

and orange:

bsweden Louise Hederström Lucy table light orange

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"Blossom" by Catrine Åberg for bsweden

Blossom pendant light by Catrine Alberg for bsweden Catrine Åberg has designed the acrylic Blossom pendant light for bsweden. It comes in two sizes and there are twenty two colours, that can be mix'n'matched!

Some colours are quite muted:

Blossom pendant light by Catrine Alberg for bsweden

Others are more brilliant:

Blossom pendant light by Catrine Alberg for bsweden

Blossom pendant light by Catrine Alberg for bsweden

Blossom pendant light by Catrine Alberg for bsweden

You get additional effects when they are lit and in a darkened room;

Blossom pendant light by Catrine Alberg for bsweden

They were inpsired by the dance-like flight of dragonflies on the lakes of southern Sweden.

Blossom pendant light by Catrine Alberg for bsweden -- group

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New from bsweden: Cymbal and Wave

bsweden Cymbal pendant blackbackFor the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair (which opens today and runs until 7th February), bsweden have brought out some new designs, which are introduced in their latest newsletter. Do read it: as you would expect with bsweden, all the new designs are are interesting, useful -- and a little bit different.

I want to draw your attention to two of them. Cymbal comes in a pendant version (above) and a floor version:

bsweden Cymbal floor whiteback

It was designed for them by Helena Svensson, It is a simple design that does not distract from the play of light on the brass surface. There are very few pendants in any material that share these proportions.

In our opinion, the reason why the collection is so strong is that Gunnel Svensson, who set the company up, is a designer herself. She is also totally involved in the running of the company -- you can meet her on their stands at trade fairs. This keeps her in touch with the market and her customers. In fact, you may have met her already:

Gunnel Svensson of bswedenAs evidence of her design abilities, here is another new introduction, Wave:

bsweden Wave red blackback This is the charming commentary on it in the newsletter:

Already during her studies at Politécnica in Milan, the teachers commented that Gunnel had a special feeling for curved lines. Gunnel's thoughts back then were that she could design with straight lines as well, which at the time was believed to be a bit more sophisticated. Much later we can see that many of her most popular designs do in fact incorporate curved lines: Egg, Ghost and Clover, which are now all classic lights that she has designed for Bsweden with smooth curves and a striking shape. This is also the case now with the pendant Wave which is launched at Stockholm Furniture Fair.

bsweden Wave black whiteback

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