Ilide works with craftspeople to produce lights that make the most of the materials from which they are made.

Ilide Matera Rossa pendant light This is Matera Rossa from Ilide. It is made from natural clays -- one white and two red. By working with skilled potters, they are able to produce an intriguing, simple shape in a neutral colour. By not mixing the clays to much, when they rub the surface back, the bottom third shows this wonderful, random mix of the clays out of which it is made. So the whole piece is natural and decorative at the same time.

There is also a white version:

Ilide Matera Bianca pendant light

These are good examples of the philosophy of Ilide. They are bringing together designers with artisans who work in different materials: glass, ceramics, wood, marble.... They found the artisans by selecting the top 20 from a competition they held in 2010 that attracted more than 1,000 participants from all over Italy.

Here are some pendants made from another unusual material -- solid wood:

Ilide Tick pendant lights

This is their Tick range. No delicate veneers here: they are hewn from solid wood and make the most of that fact, with the adze marks as clearly shown as on the beams of our 300-year-old thatched cottage. Have a closer look:

Ilide Tick Tenue wood pendant lamp

and inside:

Ilide Tick Liscio wood pendant light

In fact, this is the inside of Tick Liscio which,  as the name suggests, is smoothed off on the outside...

Ilide Tick Liscio wood pendant light

-- a lovely, warm finish.

The shape of the Tick range is a simple hemisphere. Lots of companies make pendant lights in the shape of a hemisphere, but here the material adds a whole new dimension: they are as much about wood as the Matera pendant lights above are about clay.

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