Maison et Objet: PCM Design

PCM Design TERRACOTA table light In our Handy Guide to Maison et Objet, we wrote that:

We had not heard of PCM until we were going through the list of exhibitors showing lights at this fair. We have included them because of their mission. Founded in Spain in 2011 by the architect Paloma Cañizares, they are “...trying to search product from very talented and young designers coming from the best design schools.” Production is rooted in local materials and skills. So what’s not to like? Well, possibly the designs themselves. But from what is shown on their web site – e.g. the Terracota pendant and table light by Tomas Kral – there should be no problem on this score!

I'm delighted to say that our optimism about PCM Design was well-placed!

At the stand, we met the charming Paloma Cañizares herself, who has an impressive track record, not just as an architect and designer, but also as a teacher and a juror. She told us that the Terracota lighting items on display would be added to. Currently, there is the table light above, which reminds me a little of a Franciscan Friar, and the lighting body of the table light is also available as a pendant (now it looks like a bell rather than a cowl):

PCM Design TERRACOTA pendant light

They are produced in Extramadura, drawing on the centuries-old skills of the craftsmen who make the typical Spanish ceramic jugs. They are designed by Tomas Kral, who is Slovak but he has established his design studio in Lausanne. This picture of him is not only here to remind you that lights are designed by real people (see -- I never waste an opportunity...), but also because it demonstrates the size of Terracota:

Tomas Kral

Visiting the stand gave us the opportunity to see PCM products which are not lights. For example, the Reused History glassware, also designed by Tomas Kral, and made by Royal Glass Factory of La Granja de San Ildefonso in Segovia, that still uses eighteenth century techniques.

And the Reverse Volumes, that you will have already seen on the internet -- a collection of bowls that have the central part moulded by the shape of a vegetable:

Reversed Volumes bowls PCM Design

So the collection is original, well-designed, local crafts-based, well-made -- and good value.

One to watch!



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