Millelumen – for linear pendants and touchless dimming

As you know, we have great brands whose catalogues embrace many different kinds of light. But some of our strongest collections are from specialists. Millelumen is a specialist in linear lights. I introduced the collection in a previous post: click here for more details, and images.

You will gasp at their beauty and simplicity, but you should also be aware of their functionality. Many have a the option of a touchless sensor dimmer. Why? Well, in Britain, it is thought that centrally-controlled, pre-programmed “scenes” are desirable in domestic environments. Neither we here, nor the Germans, understand this.

Besides their cost and complexity, such systems do not reflect how people actually behave. If the light over a table is not the right brightness, the people sitting at that table should be able to adjust it to their exact requirements at that moment, in those precise conditions, simply by waving a hand underneath it. Isn’t that what you would want to be able to do? Thought so.

Well, that’s what you can do with the beautiful linear pendants from Millelumen. Here is a helpful picture of lady demonstrating this feature:

Millelumen linear pendant light dimming

We discovered Millelumen when we were brought up short by an array of the amazing Sculpture linear pendants as we were rushing out of Light+Building after it had closed one evening.  Basically, there is no more elegant, beautiful linear pendant in the World than this one – the shape…

Millelumen Sculpture linear pendant white

…the finishes…

Millelumen Sculpture linear pendant finishes

...there are also Ferrari red and gold-plated options!

The Individual collection takes the basic linear pendant shape and attaches panels to it in a range of fine materials – white or black glass, leather, wood…

Millelumen Individual linear pendant wood

The minimal Architecture and Millelumen Classic collections are finely proportioned and made. There are (of course!) some linear pendants. Here is a usefully long one:

Millelumen Architecture linear pendant long

But there is also a whole family of matching designs:

Millelumen Classic table light
Millelumen Classic wall light
Millelumen Classic linear wall light going round a corner

Note these architectural options:

Millelumen Architecture linear wall lights
Millelumen Architecture linear lighting up a stair

You can download the PDF of the Millelumen main catalogue by clicking on the image below:

Finally, there is a new design – that is not linear.! To hammer home this point, it is called Circles, "a delicate play on light and shadow":

Millelumen Circles ceiling light in gold
Millelumen Circles ceiling and wall light coloured
Mllelumen Cirlces single ceiling light
Millelumen Circles wall light

The front part of the wall light above can be moved in two planes to change its relationship to the wall:

Millelumen Circles wall light offset
Millelumen Circles wall light pointing up
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