New to the Light Finder: Evado

evado linear pendant light roca_corta_black_scene_small Evado has introduced a two linear pendant lights, the Roca Corta (745mm long) above, and the Roca Larga (1225mm long) below:

evado linear pendant light roca_larga_wood_small

The finish is impeccable. The materials are either walnut:

evado roca linear pendant light material_wood_small

or a mineral composite that comes in a choice of polished black:

evado roca linear pendant material_black_glossy_small

polished white:

evado roca linear pendant material_white_glossy_small

or matt white:

evado roca linear pendant material_white_matt_small

Best of all, they are linear pendant lights with LEDs, rather than the usual fluorescent strips. The LEDs are in reflectors that give a wide beam spread of 140°:

evado roca_larga_reflector_wood_small

Evado was founded in 2002 as an engineering company. It worked for large corporations, such as Deutsche Telekom and EADS.

In 2005, they started working with white LEDs, developing a nifty way to create panels:

evado ledart-module-on-b

or columns:

evado LED column ledart-crystalus-chair-h

made up of many LED modules, each one of which has a lens made from glass:

evado LED ledart-crystalus-detail-b

or other transparent material:

evado ledart-module-detail-b

Fully programmable, they can stream video or algorithmically generated organic light movements.

Evado is based in Münster and run by the founder, Mail Picker:

evado Maik_Picker_small

and his wife, Jessica Chon Picker:

evado Jessica_Chon_Picker_small

So, like us, the best of Europe and Asia coming together to create a cracking fine lighting company! I wonder whether they also have a Company Dog...?


Yes! They do have a Company Dog!! Here it is!!!

Evado Company Dog

Holly is very pleased.



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