Illuminated passementerie: hotel-proof elegance from frauMaier

fraumaier pascha pendant light black Here is an elegant, simple idea: Pascha -- a pendant light in the form of a large tassel from frauMaier.

It could be used in a traditional scheme where tassels are being used elsewhere -- in tie-backs, for example. Or it could be used in a contemporary scheme, to offer a small surprise -- something soft and pretty.

They can also add a spot of colour. The standard collection includes red...

fraumaier pascha pendant light red

...and other colours are available upon request.

For more subdued colour palettes, there is also a grey:

fraumaier pascha pendant light greyThey are quite large -- Ø12cm H29cm...

fraumaier pascha pendant light  red set

...and take any E27 lamp of 40W or less.

So they are a gently witty idea that is very easy, very straightforward.

Oh, and the "hotel-proof" bit? Well, frauMaier is very helpfully adding a symbol...

frauMaier hotel-proof symbol the catalogue to indicate models that will stand up to way guests and staff treat things in hotels.

And since frauMaier herself is not included in any of the images of Pascha currently available, here she is anyway (Holly insisted):

fraumaier 1


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How to light inside a wardrobe

BCM methacrylate illuminated wardrobe rail How do you get an even spread of light throughout a wardrobe, that is efficient enough for someone to see clearly everything that is in it?

You could install spots in the ceiling pointing in to the wardrobe. But (1) you probably don't want lights in the ceiling -- too naff, (2) shelves &c. in the wardrobe may block out the light from some parts of it, (3) the person looking into the wardrobe will create their own shadow, blocking the light from exactly where they are wanting to look, and (4) you may not have enough depth between the ceiling and the top of the wardrobe doors to fit spots that are deep enough.

So, what else can you do?

frauMaier have launched Superslim to be one possible solution.

fraumaier superslim ceiling light blackThe idea is that it is, well, super slim (H38mm!), so that it can fit on the ceiling, even if it is low and the wardrobe/cupboard doors swing outwards.

Then, its LEDs cast plenty (1000lm) of warm (2700K) light. The result is a wide spread of bright ambient light that, being nondirectional, will not create shadows. Besides black (above), frauMaier's Superslim also comes in white, red and gold:

frauMaier superslim gold wall light ceiling lightYou can also put them on a wall.

But suppose you need the light source to be inside the wardrobe?

You could put xenon strip around the inside of the door opening -- down the sides and even along the top. But they cannot light the whole interior properly, particularly if the wardrobes are a good size and/or the doors are sliding doors. In a dressing room, there may no doors at all behind which to hide the xenon strip.

Fortunately, BCM Illiminazione have come up with an elegant, efficient solution -- the illuminated clothes rail!

BCM lit clothes rail

As standard, they come in lengths from 300mm to 600mm, in 100mm increments. They spread the light evenly over the full length of the rail, directly down onto the clothes hanging from it (or onto the shoes in racks below it).

Others may have done this before, but not at this high quality, suitable for luxury installations.

So, who are BCM Illuminazione? As specialists in lighting for yachts and superyachts for over fifty years, they are well-known to yacht designers but not (yet) to interior designers working on residences or hotels. So they are a very well-kept secret -- you probably don't know them, but they are hugely experienced at working in the fussiest of environments, producing technical light fittings with a quality of finish appropriate to the most prestigious interiors.

After all, any company that is located just outside Forte dei Marmi is no stranger to the desires of the rich and famous!

For example, look at their other illuminated clothes rail -- a gorgeous methacrylate rod...

BCM methacrylate illuminated wardrobe rail idea that also translates into a lovely hand rail, that can be illuminated or not:

BCM lit handrail

If it is illuminated, the light comes from a proper halogen lamp in the metal section that attaches the rail to wall. There is a kit of parts that includes the elegant rounded methacrylate end caps. The main methacrylate rods can be any custom length up to 2m (then you can add another one, and so on).

The metal parts are brass, which is available in a variety of finishes -- brass, chromed, gold plated...

Don't you just want to rush out and specify a staircase?! I know I do.

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Euroluce 2013: Hall 13

Euroluce name in colours


This is the third of a series of posts to be published this week that will build up into our Handy Guide to Euroluce 2013. This one looks at who is a hall thirteen. Other posts look at who is in other halls and also what is happening where fuori salone. The last post in the series will pull all the content together into one document, with updates and corrections. This will then form the basis for our customary PDFs -- alphabetical, and by hall -- for you to use at the Fair. 

That last post in the series will remain up throughout the week of the Fair so that you can download the PDFs , or read it on your mobile thingy, at any time.


Anglepoise E10

Anglepoise need no introduction from us. Last year they celebrated the 75th anniversary of the original 1227. We are so pleased that they have been able to bring this design back – the “anglepoise” – with its art deco base. See also the variation on this design – the Duo Table Lamp. There are also a Duo floor light and a Duo applique.

 Anna Lari F01

Besides their iconic tall lights with small adjustable shades in a variety of materials, Anna lari have got some other great designs in their collection.The latest are a series of table task lights powered by LEDs (Funky, Giorgia and Jazz) plus two appliques – Luna (a simple half-hemisphere) and Techno (a useful light that has a smallish lampshade hanging from an adjustable arm).

Catellani & Smith C10

The lightmaker’s lightmaker. Fabulous effects from a variety of materials, including gold and silver leaf used in his own way. Spectacular effects from simple pebbles of glass. Tiny, tiny LED light sources that do not interfere with the main design of the luminaire, even when positioned between the luminaire and the viewer.  An essential stand, in this case because you have to see for yourself that the real lights really do look as amazing in real life as they can in pictures!

Delightfull G09

Always a delight, this young company can be relied upon to brighten every lighting trade fair with their rapidly-expanding jazz-inspired collection. A happy band of people clearly has fun dreaming up great designs, that are also very well made.

Estro L19 M20

Estro has just bought Luminara, so we expect to see their lights also on this stand. Both collections are particularly well suited to hospitality applications – Luminara’s one-off pieces mostly  in public areas and Estro’s collection stronger for quantity in guest rooms.

Flos C09 D18

Another essential stand. Besides continuing with lights designed by some of the best designers around, that are featuring in their new advertising campaign (Philippe Starck, obviously, but also  the Bouroullecs and Patricia Urquiola), Flos are also inventing a new form of light/luminaire that they are calling “soft architecture”. This is a big thing to do, that requires a new attitude to lighting from architects and interior designers. Their stand would be essential viewing for this reason alone.

Stop press: Paul Cocksedge says that he has designed a new light for Flos, provisionally called Shade. Being Paul, it is not just any old pendant lampshade! In trying to resolve a purely practical problem -- how to get power to the lamp in the pendant, avoiding the standard solutions of having the shade hang from a thick flex, or from wires plus a wiggly power cable -- the solution "...actually turned out quite mysterious, almost dream-like. It utilizes floor and ceiling both, but appears unconnected to either...!" So now you have to visit the Flos stand to see how he did it!

Forestier G08

A very varied collection of strong pieces from this French maker, by designers of the calibre of Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, Ionna Vautrin and Neil Poulton. Recent introductions include the attractive Antenna table light and pendant by Arik Levy.

frauMaier G11

Recent attendees at my presentations will know how fond we are of frauMaier. Not just because frauMaier is the cute dog that features in their catalogue and on their web site, but also because theirs is a powerful collection of colourful and useful lights. Is there a better design for placing behind a sofa that their ThinLissie – the light body thrust forward and the structure very thin so that it can go behind and under the sofa, even if it is flush to the wall?

Graypants L10

Ignore the unfortunate name for a moment and focus instead on some surprisingly good looking shades made from corrugated paper. The result is environmentally-sound-looking designs with a varied and interesting colour and surface. I don’t know how long they last, though – I saw a similar shade in the window of a bar that was obviously falling to pieces, but it may not have been one of the theirs. One of the many evils that result from fakes is that people end up judging the real thing by the fake that they have experienced, not realizing that it is a fake. Note that this is another rare instance of a collection that originates in America that comes in European versions (they also have an office in the Netherlands).

Hive H16

Hive is the excellent light collection from the Filipino designer, Kenneth Cobonpue (though the lights are not all designed by him) .The materials that he uses (mostly overtly from nature), and the size of some of his pieces, reflect warmer, sunnier climes, so that even if they are not intended to be used outdoors, they look as if they could be. The Hive collection is no exception.

Ilide H19

We are excited by the premise behind Ilide, a new Italian lighting design company. They are bringing designers together with artisans who work in different materials: glass, ceramics, wood, burnt (and then stabilized) wood, marble…. They found the best by selecting the top 20 from a competition they held in 2010 that attracted more than 1,000 participants from all over Italy. It is a brave economic climate within which to start a new lighting company but such bravery is necessary if viable companies are to exist in the future, and this is the right way to go about it. To add to their existing collection, they are launching at Euroluce a new collection, called Value and Light, consisting of “...five items made from various natural materials.”

Jake Dyson L09 M10

Jake Dyson’s USP is lights that move. Since his first was a spot light, it was not relevant to us. However his second, CSYS, is a family of LED task lights that have precision movements and a design related to a crane. We are looking forward to seeing it (and, if we are allowed to, moving it up and down and to and fro). It should be a great Boy’s Toy!

Lasvit F12

Lasvit’s strengths are the power of their marketing and the quality of the designers they use. Their stands are often spectacular, therefore. From the list of designers that they say will be represented on their stand at Euroluce, the individual items will reward close attention as well.

Leucos A11 B04

Leucos is now part of the FDV Group. Although this is contradicted by the web site, there are rumours that the catalogues of all the FDV brands (itre, Muranodue, Aureliano Toso, Gallery Vetri d’Arte, Alt Lucialternative, Luxit) will be unified under the Leucos name. Besides Luxit (hall 15), Leucos is the only FDV brand to have a stand at Euroluce – the most important lighting fair for the Italian market. So we look forward to seeing what is on it.

lightyears D01

A very strong collection of relatively few designs, but good ones, often available in many typologies and sizes (notably, the hugely successful Caravaggio by Cecilie Manz, of which they have just introduced a wall version). Besides other designs by Cecilie Manz, they will be showing new lights from Jo Hammerborg and Nicholai Wiig Hansen.

Luceplan B19 C18

Luceplan have been adding some very good, innovative designs to their collection recently and this Euroluce will be no exception, with new lights from Alberto Meda, Paolo Rizzatto and Daniel Rybakken. Hope is a future classic that one should never waste the opportunity to see. Honeycomb is a clever modular system that is easy to understand once you have seen (and maybe had explained to you) a real one.

Marset D05 E06

Another wonderful lighting company from Barcelona! A large, very strong (e.g. Discoco), very varied, well-made collection backed up by an efficient operation.  What more would you want?

Michael Anastassiades D07

One of the best designers of lights, bar none, it is great that visitors to Euroluce will have the chance to see his work. He staged a fine tribute to Josef Frank at Svenskt Tenn during the Stockholm Fair in February. I wonder whether we will see any influences from this in his new work....

Northern Lighting E05

Not just one of our favourite lighting companies from Norway, but one of our favourites from anywhere! Maybe because of the unusual, brave, quirky, useful collection; maybe because of the great people; or maybe because of their deep understanding of human nature, demonstrated not only by their collection, but also by their hiring the best barmen in Norway to run the best bar in the show – on their stand....

Oluce A19

Oluce is a custodian of important 20th century designs (the most exciting trend in lighting today),  with a back list of works by people like Joe Colombo and Vico Magistretti. But they are not resting on their laurels. It is interesting to see the different reactions of companies to the virtual collapse of their markets. Oluce’s reaction is intelligent and energetic. We’ll see more lights from them that are suitable for contract, plus an openness to specials, and a real interest in fully custom items. The stand itself will have seats (hooray!) and an area for specifiers – again, showing an understanding of what the market (in this case, seriously interested visitors to the Fair) wants.

Örsjö F02

Örsjö had a great stand at Stockholm, and the stand at Euroluce should be just as good, with lots of versions of their Baklava light-in-a-bag, a big version their Kvist (or, what-happens-when-a-plumber-decides-to-make-a-chandelier – actually, it was inspired by twigs on a tree). Look out for Vinge, a new table light, not yet in the catalogue, designed for them by the fashionable Note Design Studio (with the biggest, heaviest, most satisfying dimmer switch ever!) and, if it is there, Talk, a simple, elegant leather covered task light that we had overlooked until we saw it in Malmstenbutiken.

Rich Brilliant Willing L04

Another (justifiably) fashionable design consultancy, with a Scandinavian feel, though they are, in fact, American. They say that Rich Brilliant Willing “ America’s premier contemporary lighting and furniture design manufacturer.” Before you get too excited by some of their cool products, though, remember that just because an American company markets its products in Europe, it does not mean they can be used here!!! If they do not meet CE regulations, they are illegal and potentially dangerous. It is easy to tell: one of the requirements of the regulations is that any product that complies is clearly marked CE, so that the consumer can see that it does. So, if you are on their stand when I am, you’ll see me turning their lights upside you know why. I hope theirs do comply.

Roll & Hill G02

...whereas New York City-based Roll & Hill are systematically engineering European versions of their lights. As a result, they provide a valuable service by selling international versions of designs by studios that also sell directly, but maybe only American versions – such as Lindsey Adelman and – yes – Rich Brilliant Willing.... Generally, though a young company, Roll and Hill is already becoming an internationally important source for very good, often large, pieces from leading American designers.

Stop press: look out for a stunning new wall light, Stella, by Rosie Li.

Rotaliana B07

We are glad that Rotaliana are showing, because we want to catch up with what they are doing. Their web site does not seem to have been updated for two years (the main announcement on the home page is about Euroluce 2011...), yet they don't only have good lights in their collection, they also have quirky objects that have demonstrated original thought, and fill needs nothing else fills – I’m thinking of their MultiPot, now joined by wittily designed Eolo (that provides “...chromatic light and ambient fragrances”), LaDiva (a task light and loudspeaker with an iPhone dock, plus radio &c.). And MulitBook, that not only recharges electric things, as the MultiPot does, but also contains an alarm clock. So, it’ll be very interesting to see what they have come up with this year!


SCE is a french company with a range so varied that it is easy to overlook what is there – put another way, there is no such thing as a “typical” SCE light (actually, having just written that and looked again at what they do, I’m not so sure, but I’ll let is stand because it is a bit true.)  You’ll get an idea from the names they give their collections: Contemporain, Charme, Ethno-chic, Déco and Black & white. You get an even better idea if you have a good look at what is on their stand, of course.

Secto E04

A wonderful collection of lights that work in so many different environments. With any luck, we will see the new Aspiro pendant. Using his signature pressed birch, Seppo Koho has created free-falling spirals. It will only be available in birch, but the cables can be black or red. Also, if you have not yet seen it, look out for the walnut veneered versions of the rest of the collection, a finish that was introduced last year.

Serafini E11

Serafini is a marble working company that, besides doing all kinds of bespoke marble products, has introduced a range of lights, made primarily from calacatta marble and travertine. So, rather than being lights from a product designer who occasionally chooses to use marble, these are lights from people who truly understand the materials, because they work with them every day. For the Fair, they are introducing Chapeau, a pendant with a simple, nicely shaped reflector above an exposed lamp – a traditional Italian typology, but never before in travertine!

Wästberg B11

No new lighting company has so deliberately pinned its colours to the mast of working with the most fashionable designers. Thus, the first collection, in 2008, comprised task lights by James Irvine, Jean-Marie Massaud, Ilse Crawford and Claesson Koivisto Rune. Subsequently, David Chipperfield and Maarten Van Severen have designed for Wästberg, amongst others that include Inga Sempé, whose wonderful design is particularly good as pendant (though there is a task light version, of course!). The result is trade fair stands that are achieving the status of a design museum. And the focus on task lights makes total sense to people in the trade, since they are possibly the most interesting type of light.

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New to the Light Finder: frauMaier

frauMaier shapes floor lights These are lights. There are three versions. Here is a close-up of frauMaier Sit!

frauMaier shape3-b floor light

She is freestanding, H44cm, and there is a 60W lamp attached to the back of her. You don't see the lamp, only the light cast behind, so they are very practical -- to light a dark corner in a hall, for example.

And here is frauMaier, the "International Dog of Contemporary Design" herself! (You can also see her in the field above.)

fraumaierHolly, our Company Dog, is delighted to find that there is another dog also making a splash in the world of fine lighting!

fruaMaier lives in Esslingen with Felix Severin Mack. Her collection, made by specialists in Europe, is about colour, lightness, practicality and joy!

Here is slimsophie demonstrating the colours and the lightness:

slimsophie alle farben frauMaier

And here is thinlissie...

ThinLissie_black frauMaier


...demonstrating the practicality. The base and the shade project forward, so that she can be placed behind a sofa, which can still be flush to the wall -- the thinlissie casting the light forward over your copy of the TLS or the Süddeutsche Zeitung:

thinlissie set shot floor light frauMaier

Do have a look through the whole collection, that also includes these colourful (of course!) pendants that are designed to be hung together in clusters of three (and so are called Cluster) and which are held together by magnets. They can be in the form of a clover leaf, or i a row, like this:

cluster pendant light frauMaier

A cluster usually comprises two of one size of shade and one of the other (there are two sizes). Installation is easy because all three hang from a single, specially designed ceiling rose.







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