Why do we keep saying that IP44.de make the best outdoor lights?

IP44.de-quant-quantum wall lights Yes, why do we?

Well, if you pick up an IP44.de light, feel its heft, see how exquisitely made it is and the attention to detail in its design, you may think that you have the whole story.

But you haven't, because what really distinguishes them is what they are doing technically.

One of their technologies, they dub "WavePipe". This is what they say about it:

Simplified planning

Professional light planners know that outside lighting is a fairly complicated business. But our WavePipe-technology makes it that vital bit simpler. Our novel, thermally optimized aluminium profile as the centrepiece of many IP44.de luminaires provides reliable heat dissipation, thus protecting their sensitive electronic components and prolonging the service life of the lamp.

IP44.de WavePipe

It accommodates different kinds of lamp types in the stainless steel housing, from low-voltage halogen lamps via high pressure discharge lamps through to IvyLight-technology. This means that the same luminaire models can be fitted with many different lamps and used for a wide range of lighting design tasks.

WavePipe-technology thus multiplies the possibilities while at the same time reducing the complexity. No matter how difficult a lighting task may be, WavePipe-technology helps to provide a convincing solution.

IP44.de WavePipe diagram

It is currently available in the rectangular Quantum and Quant exterior wall lights (shown at the top of this post) and also in the round Scap and Cap:

IP44.de-cap-scap outdoor wall lights

Lots of companies make round up/down wall lights that, from a distance, look similar to these ones. Most cost less. But they are not made as well as these are, they won't perform as well or for as long, and they won't give the satisfaction that comes from using a really good product from a company that still aims for the highest quality, rather than making down to a price.

You pays your money and you take your choice. Very rarely is a cheaper product exactly the same as a more expensive one. Obviously! Yet why do so many buyers think that this is true of lighting?! Buying cheap does not save money if it results in products that don't perform well, or last long. End of rant. (But, I like to think, a welcome insight into what fine lighting makers discuss when we get together in the pub....)

IP44.de WavePipe lamps

Find out more about IP44.de WavePipe technology, and what it can do for you, here.


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Why is IP44.de the best outdoor lighting company?

IP44 Base outdoor set As you will know by now, we regularly maintain that IP44.de is the best outdoor lighting company. The evidence we provide is usually images and information on their lights.

But, as with any organization, the quality and character are determined, well or badly, from the top. So this post is, untypically, more words than images, because we want you to hear from Bernd Schmalhorst, the managing director, in his own words, what he stands for.

portrait of bernd schmalhorst, MD of IP44

Mr. Schmalhorst, a luminaire is simply a luminaire, surely. Or is it? ! Yes, at first glance you're right. Every luminaire gives light. But this is where the similarities come to an end. Particularly where outside lights are concerned, there is a huge range of industrially produced models that reveal a lack of aesthetic ambition with dubious technical features while showing functional problems. Some LED outside lights produce far less light, or even no light at all, after only a few months, to say nothing of their unattractive appearance.

As an SME company which also produces solely in Germany, today you are a real outsider on the luminaire market. ! That's exactly why we've been so successful. As an independent SME business, we can remain true to our creed of aesthetically outstanding and technologically pioneering outside lights. We can afford to develop technologies such as WavePipe and IvyLight because they raise outside lights to a completely new level of quality. And we can offer our customers a highly labour-intensive yet aesthetic material such as stainless steel.

You are one of the first to discover this fascinating material for outside use. ! When I started 20 years ago, outside lights were black or white, or made of copper. I found that very boring. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is a wonderful material with a very special radiance and, when looked after properly, practically infinite durability. However, painstaking manual labour is required for edging, welding and brushing stainless steel, which is where you need a manufactory like ours. This is why you won't find top quality stainless steel luminaires for outside use from any major industrial manufacturer. They just can't do it.

However, your quality also has its price. ! Henry Royce once said: "Quality will remain long after the price is forgotten". He's quite right. Even so, the prices for our contract models are absolutely on a par with those of our competitors. Furthermore, we offer architects and planners a huge added value. They will find that our portfolio contains the right luminaire for every task and every requirement. Our Scap and Quantum models, for example, are available in two designs, fitted with a discharge lamp, low-voltage or LED system, and in a range of different surface finishes and sizes. This means that there is no longer any need to run around from one manufacturer to the next when planning a building: instead, all necessary solutions can be found in one and the same portfolio. In other words, we help planners to save time and money.

You have also launched many models fitted with LED systems in recent years. And yet LED technology is being increasingly criticised. ! Yes, this is because there are huge differences here too. At IP44.de, we don't simply stuff LEDs into conventional luminaires. Instead, we design our LED outside lights as products that have gone through a holistic optimization process in terms of thermal, technological and functional attributes. Thanks to our IvyLight technology, they can operate for more than two decades without having to change the lamps. It's important to remember one thing: every time you open an outside light and handle the sealing gasket and housing, this reduces its suitability for outdoor use.

And in the LED outside lights, it's not even possible for the customer to replace the light module.  ! That's right. In many technically immature LED luminaires, the performance of the lamp starts to decline in next to no time. But replacing the LED module is not an easy task and particularly not one to be done by the customer. This is why every customer is well advised to pay attention to top quality when purchasing an LED outside light. Otherwise there will be trouble ahead.

One thing that's immediately apparent: your outside lights don't look at all like outside lights at first glance. ! That's because they are aesthetically as perfect as the excellent interior lights - at least, that's our claim. And so today you'll find our luminaires in many unusually attractive locations in Europe, the USA and Asia. Actually, that's the greatest compliment we can receive.

Which luminaire designs do you like personally?  ! One of my first childhood memories is the Globe by Verner Panton, a wonderful acrylic luminaire that my parents had in their house. Today I am particularly fond of the artistic approach taken by Ingo Maurer. I am also a great fan of Axel Meise, whose Occhio has managed to introduce a systematic approach to internal lighting.

Your mission statement says: "Every space deserves great light". What does that actually mean? ! It's quite simple. There are lots of aesthetic, imaginative and fascinating luminaires. But, strangely enough, scarcely any for outside. And yet it is the outside of a home, prestigious building or company headquarters that a visitor sees first of all. Outside is where we spend many of the happiest hours of the year. Reason enough, we think, to give the outside a few really unusual bright spots.

The picture at the head of this post is of Base, a new introduction.

It is their first in-ground luminaire...

IP44.de base-2-ivylight-2 in-ground outdoor light

...and uses their innovative Ivylight LED technology. It is topped by a frameless housing of black glass, over which a bollard can be mounted:

IP44.de Base-2 outdoor light bollard

IP44.de Base bollard outdoor light

IP44.de Base bollard outdoor light ivylight orange


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IP44.DE make it as easy as possible to specify their lights

IP44.DE quantum and quant outdoor wall lights If a manufacturer wants its lights to be specified for contract, it is not enough that they look good, are well made and cheap as chips. In addition, they have to make it easy for specifiers to put their lights forward. Some manufacturers understand this, but most (because they assume that all their customers are retailers) still don't.

We are delighted, therefore, that ip44.de, who already make the finest contemporary outdoor lights, have thought through what a specifier needs and made everything easily and instantly available, online.

1. They have selected five designs from their collection which are particularly well suited to contract. Quant is above, images of others are at the foot of this post.

2. Photometric data can be downloaded as EULUMDAT files:

EULUMDAT screen shot IP44.DE

3. They are creating the most complete, and the clearest product pages that we have ever seen. See an example here.  Besides very clear pictures of the product, they also complement with pictures the data that is usually only given as text. For example, the lamps are shown (as well as described), the finishes are shown (as well as described). There is a diagram of the light distribution curve, plus large, clear images showing the different brightness and scalopping achieved with different lamps. There are direct links to other relevant pages on their web site, such as cleaning instructions.

4.There are PDF downloads of everything you could want: a data sheet, a technical drawing, the instruction manual, a drill template. The instruction manual is particularly important since it is often needed, at very short notice, months before delivery of the lights, because the contractor is preparing the wall or ceiling.

There is only one omission at the moment: 3D CAD files.

A well-constructed page of imformation like this is simple and trouble-free to use, but time-consuming to put together. So IP44.DE are to be congratulated for biting the bullet and not just doing it, but doing it so well. We know that they will be rewarded with further contract orders because they have made their lights so easy to specify.

Here are the other four designs suggested for contract:

scap IP 44.DE outdoor wall lightsintro IP44.DE exterior wall light

via IP44.DE exterior wall lights

lumen ip44.de outdoor wall light

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ip44.de: the best outdoor lights just got even easier to specify and install!

ip44.de Como exterior wall light Directly from the web site of ip44.de, you can now download the following PDFs from any product page:

  • product sheets
  • Eulumdats
  • technical drawings
  • installation and maintenance instructions
  • drill templates.

As an example, have a look at the page for Como.

The German exterior lighting specialist ip44.de is one of the few decorative lighting companies that is doing fantastic work with LEDs -- a low energy light source that is more suited to use outdoors than fluorescent lamps.

But an incandescent light source will always make people happier, so ip44.de continue to offer halogen as well as LED versions. To show in a non-technical way (so, comprehensible by your client) the difference of how the light will fall, they have taken pictures of the two sources, side-by-side:

ip44 comparison como exterior wall light

For anyone interested in learning more about their IvyLight LED technology, there is a link from the product page to a beautifully clear and simple explanation. Here's a still from it:

ip44.de IvyLight 1 enIt spells out the six advantages of IvyLight, and concludes with a Comparison of Costs.

ip44 IvyLight cost comparison

The whole presentation is so simple, so clear -- so helpful! (If ip44.de can do it, why can't everybody?)

Oh, and note the wonderful finish on Como, the light at the head of this post! This is their bronze noir anodized brushed aluminium. The other finishes are black, white and anodized brushed aluminium, this last being the only finish available for the halogen version.

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