Luceplan's Archetype retrofit LED pendant wins lots of prizes!

Luceplan archetype -2-high-2605849-1Archetype, designed by the Danish design consultancy Goodmorning Technology for Luceplan, has a strong, simple -- yes, archetypal -- form. At first glance, the only slightly unusual thing about it is that it has a diffuser covering the whole of the of the bottom opening. It is LED powered (12W, warm white).

But what makes it special is that it is, in fact, a kind of retrofit LED pendant that can be attached to any pendant set that terminates in an E27 lamp holder:

Luceplan architype diagramThis is what it looks like from above:

Luceplan ARCHETYPE from aboveThough, of course, what really matters is what it looks like when in use. And the answer is: it looks good!

Here it is in a kitchen, a location to which it is particularly suited. Its smooth surface will be easy to clean but, if it needs more thorough treatment, it can be removed and taken down as easily as a lamp.

Luceplan archetype black set

There is also a cheery blue version:

Luceplan Archetype blue Its excellence has been recognized by various bodies. These include the Red Dot Design award (this year,  in the product design category)...

Red Dot is the Bo Bedre "Lamp of the Year"...

Bo Bedre 2012

...and it has been shortlisted for the D&AD award that will be awarded later this year.


It has also been selected for inclusion in the  ADI Index 2011 edition.


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