David Weeks Studio's new scultpural chandelier family: Bramah

David Weeks Bramah single chandelier

13 August 2013 update: Please note that the Studio have temporarily suspended production of this line!

David Weeks Studio has introduced Bramah, which currently comes in three versions.

The easiest way to understand this design from pictures is to look at the Bramah Single Tier (#441) above.

The key component is the reflector/diffuser. David commissioned his own proprietary extruded metal shape, which he then worked on for months, cutting and shaping it to find the form that would become the collection's wing-like shade:

David Weeks bramah chandelier shade diffuser

The shade is counterbalanced by a weight. Two are hung at each end of a rod to create the main component of the Bramah Single Tier:

david weeks bramah single tier chandelier

They can move, so as you adjust the angle of the central shaft, like a seesaw, the diffusers and their counterweights keep themselves level. The minimum length is 191cm and the maximum length 241cm.

If one is good, how about three together hanging in a cluster!

david weeks bramah chandelier 440

Another way to get a similar effect is to specify the Bramah Chandelier (#440) which has three of the tiers on a single central shaft:

david weeks bramah-chandelier-440

If the David Weeks Studio's Bramah Chandelier makes the most of adding elements, there is also the option to go the other way -- to reduce the design to its essence. This is the Bramah Solo pendant light:

David Weeks Bramah Solo pendant light

It comprises a single one of the 112cm long shade and counterweight combos, hanging from its own chrome-plated rod. Again, one is good, but multiples are also good!

David Week Bramah solo pendant lights in a group

Note that glare is prevented by there being a separate wing below the lamp.

This lovely, timeless design comes in matt black or ivory on the outside. Other colours are available for an upcharge.

David Weeks Bramah in the Ralph Pucci showroom NYC

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New from Light Years: Pallas by Formfjord

Light Years Pallas pendant light chandelier Light Years have just released their new catalogue. You can download it here.

A striking new introduction is the Pallas pendant light by Formfjord. It is specifically intended for large spaces, as a wider angle image of the space shown above demonstrates:

Light Years Pallas chandelier pendant light set black

or here:

Light Years Pallas chandelier pendant light black set

Although a pendant light, it is large (Ø750mm H760mm) and cleverly echoes traditional chandeliers by being constructed from bands of steel (which one can see around, like the arms of a chandelier) with a central acid-treated opal glass diffuser.

Besides the black high-gloss lacquered finish that you can see above, there is also a white version:

Light Years Pallas chandelier pendant light whiteHere is the white one in a large space:

Light Years Formfjord Pallas chandelier pendant light white set

In these large spaces, multiples are used.  But a single one works just fine in a smaller, maybe residential, location:

Light Years Pallas white set chandelier pendant light set

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Terzani at Decorex

Terzani Argent cluster N91S Terzani will again be showing at Decorex (stand D121), giving you the chance to get up close'n'personal with what we are finding are currently some of the most successful wow-factor pieces, as they surf the current fashion for major feature lights made out of metal (rather than glass or crystal).

After Atlantis, Soscik and Stream, they are now introducing Argent, designed by Dodo Arslan (who also created I Lucci Argentati and the super -- not metal! -- Iceberg for them, amongst others).

Argent is made up of "coins" (so, not metal chain this time) that are laser-cut from sheet steel before being "...meticulously shaped by hand by Terzani craftsmen into clusters." The final finish is polished nickel.

There are currently three versions. The one above, N91S, is Ø76cm H60cm.

There is a smaller one, N90S, Ø40cm H30cm...

Terzani argent chandelier N90S

...and a long one, for rectangular tables: N92S, L125cm H30cm W35cm:

Terzani Argent chandelier cluster N92S

This is another of those designs that needs to be seen for real (which is why you must hie to their stand at Decorex!). Only then will you appreciate how the reflections of the light off the "coins" change and flash as you move past it.


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Willowlamp at London Design Week

Willowlamp DROPLET chandelier 1000 Black We are delighted that there will be the chance to see some large Willowlamp chandeliers during London Design Week at Mint. They will include the 1000mm version of the Droplet chandelier in black, shown above.

There will also be a 1000mm Protea (based on South Africa's nation flower) in brass:

Willowlamp Protea chandelier

Willowlamp PROTEA chandelier -1000-Family-05-b

plus a 1000mm version of their signature piece, the Flower Of Life Chandelier ("FOLC" for short). This will be in smoke. Here's a picture of a black one....:

Willowlamp folc-1000-black

...and of a red one:

Willowlamp folc chandelier 700 red

One of the best things about their metal chain chandeliers is that they pay as much attention to the pattern in the main top plate as to the other details. Here is a FOLC from below:

Willowlamp folc chandelier 1000 ceiling chrome


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Hélios by Jean-Louis Deniot for Pouenat Ferronnier

Pouenat Jean-Louis Deniot Helios pendant light Jacques Rayet of Pouenat Ferronnier is doing an amazing thing. As one of France's finest metal working companies, they continue to work on the most prestigious projects. If, in Jacques' opinion, the designer displays a genuine understanding of metal, he gives them carte blanche to design whatever collection they like, using the expertise of the Pouenat craftspeople.

It is clear that, for Jacques to make the offer, they must also have a distinctive design voice of their own. The result is really a collection of mini-catalogues, each with its own personality, full of the most adventurous work, united by the quality of the metal-working. Pouenat are showing at Decorex, stand C96: do not miss them!  

Besides seeing the range of designs you will also be able to appreciate the detail.

A good example is this pendant light, Hélios, by the leading French interior designer, Jean-Louis Deniot. The circles are in gunmetal. The rays connecting them are in bronze and polished brass. It is L80cm, W50cm, H65cm to 150cm.

By the way, if you miss them at Decorex, Pouenat Ferronnier now have an excellent Paris showroom in St. Germain. It is in the secret passage Dauphine (with the good tea shop) that runs between rue Dauphine and rue Mazarine. You must book ahead: +33 (0)1 43 26 71 49.


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