Hanoi table light by Federico Churba for Prandina

HANOI table light from Prandina_T1The Argentinian Federico Churba has designed the Hanoi table light for one of our favourite Italian manufacturers, Prandina. At one level, its anthropomorphism makes this design really cute. Here are the two sizes (father and son?) chatting,

HANOI table light from Prandina, chattingbut here, they are not getting on so well (they'd be crossing their arms if they had any...)

HANOI table light for Prandina, not getting on

However, Hanoi is also a complex and sophisticated form, cleverly constructed from a single sheet of white methacrylate, thermoformed into a three dimensional shape.

HANOI from Prandina close up

The heights of the two sizes are H29cm and H39cm. They will cast a diffused light downwards, mostly onto their own base. So their design function is to add a corner of ambient light -- and cutitude!

For more information , go to Prandina's Hanoi page.

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Tam Tam by Fabien Dumas for Marset

Marset Tam-Tam-5-black_400Marset's Tam Tam comprises a large central drum (Ø50cm) with smaller satellite drums (Ø35cm) attached to it, that can be swivelled through 360° to point in any direction. The drums are made of lacquered aluminium, and they have methacrylate diffusers across the bottom to ensure that the lamps are never seen, whatever angle they are at. The version in the picture above has five satellite shades and all the shades are black. But the one below has three satellites, and all the shades are in different colours:

Marset Tam-Tam-colours_472The range of possible colours is: black, white, orange, tobacco, green and grey.

That's a lot of possible combinations! So they've come up with a little tool to help. This is what it looks like:

colour your own Marset Tam Tam

Find it here.

So, something both fun and effective. As is the light itself, with its ability to cast light wherever it is wanted, whilst still looking good. Well done, Fabien Dumas and Marset!

By printing out various arrangements, you've got tear sheets to show your client.

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Uma Chandelier By Giancarlo Tintori

uma chandelier giancarlo tintori Uma, designer Giancarlo Tintori's contemporary take on the chandelier for Nemo Cassina, comes in the form of a concentric cascade of methacrylate cones, "offering the same lustre and visual magnificence as its traditional forebears, and an even greater sense of allure and mystique."

Read more at Locomoco.

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