Ti Amo Milan balancing pendant by Céline Wright

ti amo milan by celine wright 1One of our all-time favourite artists is Céline Wright in Montreuil. This delicate balancing act shows why. A breath will move it, and the materials are lovely: a branch, blown glass diffusers and two hammered steel balls. It is bigger than you might think -- 230cm long -- but light is being cast at one end only. ti amo milan by celine wright 2It is part of her Ti Amo family -- here on her web site.

However, it is easier to see on a post at Remodelista. Their correspondent found it in La Galerie Végétale in Paris (29 rue des Vinaigriers, 10me)

la galerie vegetale exterior 10You can buy this light for €459 from their on-line shop. Do let us know what the parcel looks like....

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