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Venetian glass poliedri chandeliers

Lamp Patrizia Volpato triedri chandelier 5051_53 T1 In the end, there is nothing finer than the combination of an incandescent light source and glass. And the most economical way to benefit from this magic, with no compromises, is to use Venetian poliedri. These are glass rods with three corners (triedri) in plan, or four (quadriedri) -- collectively called poliedri:

triedri quadriedri T2 and T3 diagrams

The glass can be clear or coloured:

quadriedri and colours These are Venetian glass and the sides are slightly concave. However, there is a higher cost alternative made out of optical glass which is flat-sided:

T1 triedro optical glass

If you were to see an optical glass chandelier side-by-side with a Venetian glass version, you'd notice the difference. But see a Venetian glass poliedri chandelier on its own, and there is no sense of anything lacking!

Any shape or type of light can be made ( not just chandeliers), depending upon the shape of the metal framework from which the poliedtri are hung:

Patrizia Volpato Lamp poliedri various

They make fine pieces that are closer to a conventional chandelier:

Patrizia Volpato poliedri chandelier 6015 60 Venetian glass

But more often they are in shapes to which only they are suited:

Venetian glass poliedri chandelier Patrizia Volpato 5020 50

How about putting a chandelier in a corner?!

patrizia_volpato_cristalli_5074-app-t1 Venetian glass applique corner wall light poliedri

Sometimes they are quite large (the one at the top of this post is H2450mm, and this one is H1700mm):

Patrizia Volpato Venetian poliedri chandelier 5052 75 H170

even H3000mm!

Patrizia Volpato Venetian glass chandelier poliedri 5025 95 H300 set

Not only can they be very long, they can also be very wide -- Ø1500mm, for example:

Patrizia Volpato Venetian glass chandelier poliedri 5029 PL S150 set

But they don't all have to be so extreme! They are more often used for elegant, practical -- and, yes, economical -- chandeliers:

Patrizia Volpato Venetian glass chandelier poliedri 5055 55 detail and set

These examples are taken from Patrizia Volpato -- full name: Lamp di Volpato Patrizia. they used to be known as "Lamp" for short but this name had obvious shortcomings (not least when googling them)! Patrizia Volpato is the charming and gifted lady who runs the Company.

We have used them as our source for poliedri pieces for years, because they are efficient, because they are pleasant to deal with, but also because they do them well. A spiral may look simple to do but, given the percentage of ill-proportioned ones that we see, they obviously are not!

Patrizia volpato Venetian glass chandelier poliedri 5025 40

They are fully customizable. The frames can be chrome or gold. Don't be reluctant to specify gold on the basis that it might be too blingy. It isn't. Instead, it adds further lustre to the effect of light and glass. (That is, in designs where the frame is not prominent, as in the examples shown in this post.)

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