Up indoor and outdoor floor light by Mario Mazzer for Lucente

Up floor light from Lucente Mario Mazzer has designed this outsized Up floor light (H180cm -- nearly as high as I am!) for Lucente. The ivory polyethylene form is the same, whether it is used indoors or outdoors.

The indoor version has a neat knitted loo roll cover on it, in cream or red,

Up floor light from Lucente, red and cream knitted coverswhich the outdoor version lacks:

Up floor light from Lucente, outdoor close-up

Instead, the structure and the diffuser of the outdoor version have separate dimmable switches (that are not being demonstrated here):

Up floor light from Lucente outdoors

The fact that there is an outdoor version gives it a USP when compared to other similar lights, from Cappellini, or Vibia's Gigante:

Vibia Gigante 8161 set

Up may be a more convenient size and, with its tapered base extending visually above the diffuser, more elegant.

Up floor light from Lucente, indoor set shot

Visit Lucente's product page for more details.

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ORZ7 IN floor light by Filip Galuszka

ORZ7 IN floor light by Filip GaluszkaFilip Galuszka has taken the luminaire from a street light that was commonly used during the 1970s in Poland to create an outsize indoor floor light. The total height is 265cm. It best fits into the arco-category of floor-standing pendants.

Because the luminaires are from real street lights, they have been bashed around a bit! See before and after pictures, plus details and dimensions, at Mocoloco.

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