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How to pass the time in the office #6 -- which are the most charming small towns in France?

Talmont sur Gironde Charente maritime It is quite a long time since we've suggested ways you could pass the time in the office.

Gassin Var

But now it is Friday. It is late June. Things are tailing off. We are all beginning to think about our holidays -- many Scandinavians start theirs tomorrow!

Noyers Yonne

So dream away and think of the most charming small towns in France.

Saint Veran Hautes Alpes

You are allowed one per département. That's a tough rule: some have many and some have few.

Rochefort en terre Morbihan

What are their characteristics -- what makes a small town charming? All the towns in these images have been nominated, yet you can see what a great variety there is ( a good thing in itself).

Bonneval sur arc savoie

And don't just play this on your own. Involve your colleagues! Everybody wins because you learn about new charming towns from the suggestions of others. (And you learn more about them, as you find out which ones they regard as charming, and why. How often is it not because of the characteristics of the town itself, but because of something special that happened to them there...?)

Usson Puy de Dome

This post has been prompted by a the first answer to this question on Quora. It is from Julien Vaché. He provides a picture of each one (these are some of them), a description and at the end, a map. Go here to see what he wrote, and to find out where these pictures are of.

Click on (more) in the description of Talmont-sur-Gironde in Charente Maritime to see the whole answer.

Then, have a look at the suggestions of others in the Comments -- and make suggestions yourself! (Don't you just  l o v e  Quora?!)

Someone rather obviously suggested Saint Paul de Vence...

Saint Paul de Vence...which raises a question considered in the Advanced Version of this game, to wit: during what times of year are they charming? Is a charming town still charming when it is packed with tourists? If so, how? Are any towns charming all the year round? If so, why?

The other question that is considered  in the Advanced Version is: What is a town? Are some of these suggestions really...villages? Check out their statistics on the web, where you can also look at pictures of your candidates to see how charming they really are!

You see? Hours of enjoyable daydreaming until you can fight your way onto that tube!


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How to pass the time in the office #5 -- sieve faces!

Sieve faces 1 The chances are that there are not enough suitable sieves in the office already, so you'll need to plan ahead and buy some.

Come to that, given the current weather conditions, there may be no sun outside on the pavement either. What you can do, therefore, is to take them away with you on holiday so that you can impress the locals on their sun-drenched pavements.

Here's how you do it.

sieve faces 3

A close-up of the face on the left:

sieve faces 4

And the careful construction of the face on the right:

Sieve faces 5

These are the work of the artist, Isaac Cordal. Thanks to Designboom for this.

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How to pass the time in the office #4 -- take pictures using the scanner!

scanner_photoshoot01 Here's a fashion series by Brooklyn-based  photographer Henry Hargreaves (yes, he of the deep-fried gadgets) that shows what you can achieve if you use your scanner as a camera.

The effect is magical but -- be aware -- hard work! Scanners don't work if they are stood on edge, so the model (Talita of RED in these images) has so bend over onto the scanner and stay immobile for 20-30 seconds.


And, of course, you won't know what the results are until you print them out.

As a result, they had to do about 150 scans to get the images in this fashion series. But the results are worth it...




...if a bit spooky.

So now, let's see what you can do! (I wouldn't try sitting on it: scanners are not as strong as photocopiers.)

Thank you, designboom, for this story.

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Friday fun: how to pass the time in the office #3 -- create gravity-defying pictures

liuwei street lightOK, so he's not in the office. liuwei acrobatsBut to create these images takes some planning: that can be done in the office!

To show what was involved for this image

liuwei edgewatch the video!

The rules are that you can use mirrors, ropes, wires, acrobatics  &c, but Photoshop can only be used to remove the ropes. wires etc. Otherwise, it would all be pointless, really, wouldn't it.

liuwei throwingThank you, Toxel, for this introduction to the amazing work of Li Wei.

Li Wei Live at the High Place 5There are gravity-defying images like this one;

Li Wei man planeand this one (see, I can't stop!)....

Li Wei dancers

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Friday Fun: how to pass the time in the office #2 -- Money Faces

money facesThanks to Dezeen for publicizing the new craze for Money Faces! They've even managed to find its source -- reddit user MadSon011, who posted a portrait of himself with a US $10 bill: moeny faces.01

Is this the bottom half of his face?

Using Photoshop is cheating -- it has to be a real photo c a r e f u l l y lined up....

Money faces.06...and probably the person whose face you are lining your bank note up with has to know what you are doing.

But let's see what you can you do....

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