The Mino Collection from Aqua Creations -- illuminated screens and room dividers

Mino floor light by Albi Serfaty with Benad Dar for Aqua Creations.01As usual, a stunning stand by Aqua Creations at Light+Building. We were delighted to see the new Mino Collection by Albi Serfaty (founder, with his wife Ayala, of Aqua Creations in 1994) with Benad Dar. This was partly because it marks a return to the pleated silk for which Aqua Creations are still best known.

And partly because such structures will be very useful. Yes, they are lights, but they also function as screens, as room divders. Yes, they look soft (you see pleated silk), but that silk is covering a strong vacuum-formed shell made from a specially developed polycarbonate.

The standard versions above are 160x115x25cm, 160x45x22cm and 104x70x22cm. But Albi was at pains to point out to us that they will do custom versions -- in fact, the full range of skills that they have in-house is available for new custom designs, as well as for special versions of their own designs. Take note!

There are many more colours available now. As befits these recessionary times, the new colours are more subdued. For example, here is a Nara:

Aqua Creations Nara Ayala Serfaty wall light silkThe full range of colours is (deep breath): coal, curry, dark, flame, gold, grass, orange, red, redwood, rust, sand, shell, silver, smoke, stone.see below for what they look like. There are two images of each. The upper one is of the silk with the light off, and the one below is the silk with the light on. Remember that the lamps are all "low energy" -- fluorescents.

Aqua Creations silk colours 1of 3Aqua creations silk colours 2 of 3

Aqua Creations silk colours 3 of 3

Oh, and it gets better still: you can also specify any two colours on one screen!

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