Silicone lights from Arturo Alvarez

Arturo Alvarez Coral pendant lights silicone Arturo Alvarez is one of the most consistently interesting fine lighting makers, with collections that are often unusual, yet always usable  They achieve this partly by handmaking their production using a wide range of materials.

One of the most productive is a silicone mesh. The silicone creates a skin-like surface that can be shaped into any form. Here are some of the finishes close up:

Arturo Alvarez silicone mesh examples

What can they do with it? Well, as you will already have seen, until Modernica produce examples of the George Nelson lights that are legal and safe outwith north America, the Arturo Alvarez Coral collection can be used to similar effect:

Arturo Alvarez Coral pendant lights

Arturo Alvarez Coral pendant lights

Some of the silicone designs are formal, like these wall or ceiling panels, Planum...

arturo-alvarez planum wall lights

...and Hex:

Arturo Alvarez Hex wall light set

and several, like this floor-standing model, Gea...

Arturo Alvarez Gea floor light orange set

...are available in other colours besides white: orange, black, yellow and grey at the moment.

We are particularly drawn to the more informal, cloudlike shape of iki

arturo alvarez iki pendant light white dining table

arturo alvarez iki pendant light x 2

which becomes like a cute bird in the table version:

Arturo Alvarez iki table set

Here are some ikis that have been released back into the wild:

arturo alvarez iki table light sea

By the way, Arturo Alvarez have got one of the most helpful, practical, informative of manufacturers' blogs, here. The image below is taken from it:


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