Roger Pradier's fine outdoor lighting

Roger Pradier Citadelle outdoor wall light
Roger Pradier Tetra outdoor wall light

Unfortunately, most decorative light fittings are specified on the basis of (a) what they cost and (b) what they look like

This is not good for the people who have to install and maintain them. Nor is it good for the people who have to live with them.

It is particularly not good for companies that make luminaires with a specific functionality, whose staff are 100% focussed on making the best product to meet those requirements.

One such is the 100-year-old French outdoor lighting maker, Roger Pradier. I tell you now that the prices are very good. And you can make up your own mind about what their elegant traditional and contemporary lights look like.

So I can now focus on other aspects, which explain why this is the best company to go to for outdoor lighting.

In no particular order:

1. 25 year guarantee against corrosion of the aluminium, which makes up 99% of their products (the remaining 1% is copper or brass). Tells you all you need to know, really. One would only make such a commitment if one knew that the quality of design and manufacture ensure that problems would be very rare – for 25 years!

2. Ease of installation and maintenance by, for example, self-levelling backplates and plug-in assembly. Thus, for a wall light, the fitter attaches the backplate to the wall and, when everything is properly aligned and connected, plugs the luminaire into place. There is a four minute video that makes all this clear. Click here to see it (and wonder why other makers don’t go to so much thought and trouble to be really helpful!)

3. 20 standard colours (any colour on request) and five metal finishes: aluminium, brass, zinc, corten steel and copper:

Roger Pradier five metal options

4. Gor-tex-covered drain holes. An outdoor light may accumulate some condensation in it, however well it is made. This is especially true of luminaires with high IP ratings, because there is less scope for them to "breathe". Other manufacturers ignore this. Roger Pradier put in little drain holes covered in Gor-tex (to allow moisture out but not in).

5. Sea and desert air cause no problems for these dedicated outdoor luminaires. They achieve this by selecting premium aluminium, giving it a special treatment in the factory, before powdercoating it with high quality paint. You can now understand why there are customers in beautiful but harsh environments who will only risk specifying Roger Pradier outdoor fittings.

6. IP ratings and IK ratings. You may be specifying for a project outside the UK, where specific ratings for IP (ingress by solids and moisture) and IK (external mechanical impacts) are required. Roger Pradier has many IP65 products .

7. Photometric data. LUMIDAT and other photometric data files are available extremely promptly. Photometric diagrams are included in the catalogue. Basically, all the information needed by lighting designers is readily available. As they work with you on the project, they will providing photometric support for their recommendations.

8. LEDs: many of Roger Pradier’s fittings come in versions that have dedicated LED light sources. There are LED versions of all the luminaires shown in this post (except the second to last two). They are shown in a dedicated LED catalogue, which you can download here.

Note that there are many more Roger Pradier designs which do not have dedicated LEDS, (but retrofit LED lamps can obviously be used). These are shown in the main catalogue, and on the web site.

Dedicated LEDs are invisible, but normal lamps are not. That means you can see them, but sometimes you may not want to. Roger Pradier are way ahead of you, and offer…

9. …elegant ways to conceal ugly lamps:

Roger Pradier Tetra applique

Note that there is frequently the option of frosted glass.

10. Designs come in complete families:

Roger Pradier Olympic outdoor wall light
Roger Pradier Olympic outdoor lights on a column
Roger Pradier Square exterior wall light
Roger Pradier Square outdoor light on a pole
Roger Pradier Avenue 4 exterior lighting typologies
Roger Pradier hanging lantern
Roger Pradier illuminated bollards

11. You can add:

• spotlights (a wide range)

Roger Pradier Avenue 3 with integrated spot light

• PIRs

Roger Pradier outdoor wall light with integrated PIR

• and power sockets:

Roger Pradier outdoor power sockets

12.   Leading international designers. Besides their own inhouse specialist designer, Stéphane Joyeux, Roger Pradier also commissions designs from the likes of Patrick Norguet (who has also designed for Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, Cappellini and Renault), Philippe Nigro (Hermès, Foscarini, Ligne Roset, Lexus) and the late Cedric Ragot (Roche Bobois, Paco Rabanne, Azzaro).

For a two minute video introducing the company, go here.

To download the general catalogue, go here.

To download the LED catalogue, go here.

Roger Pradier outdoor wall lights on a château

So for the easiest outdoor lighting company to work with, for attractive fittings suited to prestigious locations, competitive prices – and happy clients! – we recommend Roger Pradier.

Roger Pradier Bristol outdoor wall light

Whatever issues you may be wrestling with, the chances are that, during the last 100 years, this specialist company has met and resolved them. If not, there is the current team looking forward to working with you: in this context, it is important to know that they design and make everything in-house.

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