HUGE sale of vintage chandeliers and lighting THIS WEEKEND!!!

chandelier auction in Lincoln The largest collection of vintage chandeliers and lighting to be sold in Europe is to be auctioned by Unique Auctions in Lincoln this Saturday and Sunday, the 6th and 7th of October. The sale is also available online.

It is a genuine auction and no items are reserved. All items must be sold due to ill health.

Highlights include 1930s chandeliers from the Adelphi Plaza hotel in London...

adelphi chandelier 1

Adelphi chandelier 2

...this six tiered 90 arm Chandelier...

six tier 90 arm chandelier

6 tier 90 arm chandelier detail

...Murano glass chandeliers and wall lights, plus hundreds of antique and vintage chandeliers.

There are about 1,700 unrestored chandeliers sold on pallets, 1,000 wall lights, over 800 renovated chandeliers, plus many wall lights that match chandeliers. Not to mention a large quantity of outside lighting, brass, silvered wire, bulbs, shades & electric cable &c.

For more information, catalogues and images please call UK +44 (0) 1522 690444 or visit the micro-site

chandelier auction 1

Here are pictures of more of the items so that you know what kinds of things are on offer:

chandelier auction 10

chandelier auction 3

chandelier auction 5

chandelier auction 8

chandelier auction 9



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Summer SALE at Fritz Fryer Antique Lighting!

Fritz Fryer ornate antique lantern There are precious few fine lighting shops in the UK, so Fine Lighting News is going to celebrate those that there are whenever we can!

Fritz Fryer Antique Lighting, in Ross-on-Wye, currently has a sale on. You can see what is on offer here.

My favourite antique light on offer is the magnificent ornate lantern above. It is Ø420mm H940mm and made of black lacquered steel. It was £750 but is now a snip (believe me!) at £600 Code. L1111.

This Best and Lloyd table light was £575 and is now £360:

Fritz Fryer Best and lloyd table light

It silver plate with ornate castings, dates from about 1950 and is H400mm. Code TL1080.

My next choice is a ceiling light from one of the great names on English chandeliers, Osler:

Fritz Fryer Osler plafonnier

Yes, it doesn't look like one of their "decadent, spectacular crystal creations" (Wilkinson). This is because the market for such things declined after the first world war so, in 1922, they closed their glasshouse in Birmingham and concentrated on smaller, less ornate, more modest items that matched the mood of the time, but also, to our great good fortune, can be accommodated in our small, low-ceilinged homes. Like this one, reduced from £960 to £768, a very good price for a hand-cut (not moulded) ceiling light from a top maker. It is Ø240mm H240mm. Code B1065.

We do what we do partly because of the people who are attracted to working with lights, so our hearts warm to Fritz Fryer when we see this image of the owners, Karen and Simon Wallis-Smith, and their team celebrating the passing of the Olympic torch through Ross-on-Wye:

Fritz Fryer team

It is also a neat bit of subliminal marketing! Because the elegant Olympic torches wall lights that they are holding up are also in the sale:

Fritz Fryer art deco wall lights

There is, fortunately, a pair of these art deco flambeau wall lights, reduced from £480 to £384 each. They are 420mm x 170mm x 300mm. Code WB1140.

But where's the Company Dog, Holly is asking...?


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