BrogliatoTraverso design studio was established in 2012 by Alberto Brogliato and Federico Traverso. Both founders are graduates of leading Italian school of architecture, Università Iuav di Venezia, majoring in product design and communications.

Brogliato swiftly gained project management experience as Head of Design for Plust Collection, working with globally celebrated designers gaining highly technical knowledge of plastic materials. Brogliato frequently lectures at various universities and design schools. After graduating, Traverso studied the art of glass in Murano as an assistant to Japanese artists Masuda Hiromi and Tsuchida Yasuhiko. After meeting with designer Yu Nara, Traverso moved to Japan to launch his first independent collections. In 2007 Traverso returned to Italy to found architecture practice On_Office Architettura (, while continuing a portfolio of product design.

Recognising a unique shared philosophy, the two designers decided to work together when they first met. Centred on the understanding that to be a designer is a great privilege, BrogliatoTraverso gives life to the objects that surround people while maintaining a professionalism, technical expertise, and passion for research and innovation. This vision has allowed the studio to receive some of the most important international design prizes in its first five years, including a Red Dot design award, Good Design award, iF design award, and Young & Design.

With their early products noted for appearing playful and expressive. BrogliatoTraverso now pursues a user-oriented and functional design approach, characterised by clean lines and neutral balanced shapes. This unique design language has led to projects with renowned brands such as F.lli Guzzini, Infiniti, Diamantini&Domeniconi, Myyour, Torremato, Smalvic and many others.