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In our LIGHT FINDER you have access, at any time of the day or night, to over 10,000 decorative lights from a curated selection of about 60 makers. Not all our brands, artists and factories are here, so if you can't see what you are looking for, or you would like us to point you in the right direction, do get in touch.

We think the curating is important. The alternative is you having to randomly search the internet, or go to sites which brands pay to be on. Whereas we have personally decided which makers to include. We know all about them and their collections, so you can find out more about anything you see here, in a twinkling, with just an email or a phone call to us. 

Because we have been doing nothing else for fourteen years, we know about the decorative lighting requirements of any space, so we work with you until we have found the right lights for your project.

We specialize in specials and custom installations for key locations: atria, foyers, stairwells and over dining tables.



We have drawn on our experience to introduce our own lights, the Cameron Peters Collections.

We believe that there are far too many lights in the world so, if we are to introduce yet more, there has to be a very good reason for each one. So these first collections are intended to create work for European craftspeople working at the very highest level (Murano glass and English Crystal) whose livelihood is under threat through lack of demand. We therefore teamed them up with prize-winning specialist designers. The brief was to create exceptional lights that would enhance a wide variety of spaces, appeal to a discerning international audience – and be irresistibly beautiful.

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We are real people – Cheryl and Peter – just bursting with all this knowledge and experience (of fine decorative lighting, at least). So there are all sorts of ways we can help you – to select the right lights from reliable suppliers (within the budget and available on time) and to use them in the right way for the spaces. We save you massive amounts of time, and we prevent things going wrong. Click here to find out how we do this. 

And this service is FREE!!! It is paid for by the suppliers, because they need our knowledge of the UK specifiers, our explaining their brands, and our management of the whole specification, purchasing and delivery process. We are saving them time and preventing things going wrong for them too.

Keep up-to-date with what is happening in the world of decorative fine lighting by following our Facebook page (click here). We post the most relevant news that manufacturers are sending us daily.