Who We Are


Peter trained as a Chartered Accountant with Arthur Andersen & Co and was subsequently Deputy Finance Director of the Arts Council of Great Britain, Treasurer of Somerville College, Oxford and Treasurer of the environmental charity, Earthwatch Europe. He has also held senior financial and managerial positions, in the UK and the USA, in the fields of publishing (book and magazine); design consultancy; retail; robotics and technology start-ups, and has been on the boards of several arts organizations. He has degrees from the Universities of Cambridge (English), London (History of Art) and Oxford (by incorporation). 



Cheryl was born in Malaysia but her family moved to Australia when she was nine. She studied piano performance and pedagogy at the Sydney Conservatorium (where she subsequently taught for five years) and at the University of Michigan. She gave regular recitals in Australia and the US, and has broadcast on Australian and Singapore radios. Moving to England, she resumed teaching and continued performing, concentrating on the piano duet repertoire, first with the Canadian Jennifer King, then with the Japanese Luke Masaya Nakajima. 


Peter and Cheryl met when they were both living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Married, and settled in England, they chose the field of fine lighting in which to launch their own venture in May 2004, bridging the worlds of fine art, traditional craftsmanship, contemporary design and cutting edge technology. “I am thrilled to be able to create a business which will allow us to share the work of Europe’s finest designers and greatest crafts people", says Peter. 

With a background in professional music-making, Cheryl was, and continues to be, naturally appreciative of the commitment and depth of skills exhibited by crafts people and designers – the truth to materials and the marrying of form and function.

They are now launching their own branded lighting, the Cameron Peters Collections.


Based in Treviso, Tania is responsible for Italian Liaison. This is an essential rôle because much of the production of the Cameron Peters Collections takes place in and around Venice. Formerly responsible for foreign customer relations for leading brands in the furniture and lighting sectors, she is now a freelance who, by dint of her personality and intelligence, probably knows more glass works and related workshops on Murano and the Venetian mainland than anyone else.  That this knowledge is contemporary is essential to us: there have been many, many changes there over the last eight years.

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Holly is the Company Dog – a lilac silver miniature poodle. She sees her job as being to bark at all delivery vehicles and the fishermen on the lake outside the office -- you may hear her in the background when we are trying to talk to you on the phone. We see her job as being cute and making people happy.